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Default help with low light action photos

I am taking pictures of a high school football game at night with an Olympus 2100 Ultra Zoom. I have tried setting the shutter speed at 1/200 and openning the aperature but the results are so/so. Any suggestions on how to get the best results for taking action shot under low light conditions like this?

Thanks for any help
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Wow. Well, aside from the fact that "sometimes there just ain't enough light", let me see if I can give you a few tips to help out:

- Your camera already has some image stabilization circuitry in it, but this type of correction has its limitations. There is only so much the stabilization logic can handle, and the bootom line is the more steady you keep the camera the better your images are going to turn out - period. So, try using a tripod. I almost always use a tripod for athletic events at night, and I keep the head loose so that I can swivel left and right as well as up and down to follow the action. As the plays run up and down the field, pick up the whole camera/tripod unit and run with them. Many people use monopods for this as well. Keep the camera more steady, and you'll get sharper images. Even at 1/200.

- Use flash. Your camera has (I think) support for an external flash, and you'll need one with a much higher guide number than the one that's built-in. A strong flash with a zoom capability or fresnel lens magnifier can do *amazing* things for night sports events.

- Control your panning. If a player is running and you want an image of him while he's running, pan the camera to follow him while you make the exposure. The trick is to keep the subjects movement across the CCD as small as possible.

- I'm not sure myself how this affects things yet (still learning myself) but you might want to make sure the ISO setting on your camera is set to its maximum. On the 2100, I think this value is ISO 400.

Hope some of this helps!

Good luck,

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