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Default Help me to buy a good pocket digicam

I have a problem,I wanna buy a pocket digicam and have got confused, one of my friends told me that this size digicams have problems .
For example their lenses are so small then their brightness is less than normal size cameras,and some of these cameras need about 5-10 seconds to be ready for takeing new pic, I mean u should wait between 2 times u wanna take pics.
And now I dont know what to do I am completely amatour and need help, If u have used tiny cameras tell me about their problems and suggest best pocket cameras,I want to buy a small one to put it in pocket of my shirt and forgive me if my english is not that good.
Awaiting ur replies
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What is your price range? A $200 digicam's not going to work the same way as a $1000 digicam, for example.

For example their lenses are so small then their brightness is less than normal size cameras
I assume that by "normal size cameras," you mean the 35mm film cameras... this is not true. Most if not all digital cameras measure the light exposure and metering through the lens (TTL), and will adjust the shooting parameters accordingly to create optimal output (photograph) in automatic mode; and of course in manual mode, you have full control. One very nice thing about digital cameras is that you can see roughly how the end picture will look by looking at the LCD screen.

some of these cameras need about 5-10 seconds to be ready for takeing new pic
Most digital camers will need 4-8 seconds after being turned on to get ready to take the first shot. This is typically includes the lens extraction time (from the body--the digicams with optical zoom have retracting lens barrels), restoring the last-used settings, etc. The shot-to-shot time (the time between each shot) depends on a few factors, the biggest which is the file format you are saving in. TIFFs will take a long time to save (on my 4 megapixel camera, it takes around 18 seconds), whereas JPGs will take vastly shorter time (1-3 seconds), depending on the compression used. Most digicams also have a sequence/continuous mode, where they take pictures after pictures (the speed of this depends on the camera and is usually between 1 and 3 frames per second) until the memory buffer is filled up.

For your "put-in-pocket" requirement, you'll probably have to settle for a 3x optical zoom camera. Zoom lenses up to 3x can be stored within the camera body, but the larger zooms have lens barrel mounts that extend in front of the camera body.

Tell us more what your requirements are--how many megapixels, how much zoom, what kind of photography (zoom, people portraits, macro close-ups) are important to you, etc.
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You might want to check out a Sony U20.


It is extremely pocket friendly, very fast (about 1.5 sec from sliding the door open to first shot, and less than 2 seconds between shots--2MPixel image, 64M stick, no flash). There is also burst shot and movie shooting modes available.
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