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I like that non-destructive changes can be made with RAW, but they can be done with JPG as well using Picasa. When I transfer the 200 or so images I took onto the hard drive they all appear in Picasa and I can browse through them immediately and quickly. I click on one I like, adjust the sliders for exposure and contrast, crop and straighten if necessary and export. You don't even have to resize, just tell it what the max width or max height should be. There's also some color correction tools, but I haven't had photos with inaccurate white balance yet.
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Aumma, i guess youhave heard me preach on it before.. but learning to use RAW is a powerful tool.. othershave covered the details.. but if you learn to master it, you will see definite improvements in your capabilities..

you may check out RawShooter Essentials from http://www.pixmantec.com .. its a great program for converting RAW images with some rather nice tools.. its best on outdoor shots.. use Adobe Camera Raw for your portraits..

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You should read this article.

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Thanks Dustin and Peri for the information given and the website. Peri, that article was truly insightful. As you might have noticed, I will take to Raw like a duck to water.

Kind regards.

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