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Tony Snyder Dec 30, 2002 11:53 PM

Help with new camera choice
I need help. I have tried reviews but they do not give me quite what I need.

I have been using an Olympus D 600L

What I would like to improve is:

Wider anglecapability, greater zoom range, quicker flash recovery, retain optical ttl viewfinding. at least 3.0 mega pixels, continue smart media but ability to use others would be O.K.

Have HP Photosmart P1100 printer. I would be mostly usin prints from that printer. It has slots for Smart Media and the other popular one, can't think of it now

Gary Senkus Jan 1, 2003 7:36 AM

Do not know how deep your pockets are. I have had good luck with refurbs. The Olympus E-10 (refurb) can be bought directly from Olympus for $799.
Another good refurb I have seen lately for about $600 is the Minolta 7, the firmware update makes it about the same cam as the 7i, 5 meg, 7X optical.
Good Luck,

rikster Jan 2, 2003 7:22 PM

why buy a used D7 when you can get a new 7i for about 725 . Look at they had them there for that price and then you get 1 yr warantee too.

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