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I have the Samsung Digimax 4010

I took a picture that I want to put on my computer and I don't know how to! I know you take the memory card out and insert it into the computer, but where?

I am so confused, any help would be much appreciated


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Some computers have built-in slots for SD cards, but most don't. So you have to buy a $15-$20 SD card reader that you plug the SD card into. Then you plug the SD card reader into one of your computer's USB slots. Unless your computer is really old, it will automatically recognize the SD card as a removable disk drive. You can then copy the images off the card onto your hard disk, and delete the images from the SD card so you can take more pictures on it. Just go to a store like Circuit City and ask the salesman to help you. Bring your memory card with you, so [s]he can show you exactly what to expect with the card reader.

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still sounds confusing.......but I will take your advise!

Thanx for the help

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It's also most likely that your camera came with a USB cable. Plug one end into the camera and the other into the USB port on your computer. Switch on the camera and the computer should recognise your camera as a removable hard disk. This should be covered in your camera manual, It's also probable that you camera came with a software CD that you may need to install if your computer is running an older version of windows. There should also be software for managing and printing your pictures on the CD that came with the camera.
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I vote for buying a card reader. You can choose one with all different slots, one for each kind of flash card. I found this type best for me, as I have more than one kind of flash card. When you attatch it to your computer (after inserting the camera's flash card) via usb port, and click on my computer all your drives will be shown and lettered including the slots in the card. Each slot will be assigned a drive letter. Just click on each one (if you're not sure which one it is) in a sequence and you'll see the one with your pictures. Click on it, to identify it, then right click and choose send to my documents or whatever you like, and then once you've sent them into your computer, open Steve's digicam website, go to how to post your photos and you will be home free. Try and then let us know how you did. Good luck,

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