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Default help please....thanks

good day guys!!! I am shar, I am new here... may I asked who knows how to manage a camera (nikon e5700) if it is automatically zoomed in 8x by itself when I open it??? and the shutter button do not function when I tried to used it... I can only used that if I hold the FUNC key... thanks...Godbless!
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G'day Shar

Nice to meet you ~ and welcome to Steve's cameras forum
My cameras are either Fuji or Panasonic - so I will try to help you by comparing cameras

If all else fails, go into the camera 'setup' menu and choose "return to Factory Settings" ... if all is well, the camera will work okay > if there is a problem, it will show up again after doing this reset

One of the menu options in 'setup' is "at power-on, return lens to 1x zoom OR return lens to last-used-setting" ... you may need to look at this

As to the shutter only working when you also hold the FUNC key - that sounds a bit suspicious to me ... almost as though the camera has developed a fault of some sort

If there is any camera problems, I would suggest NOT trying to repair it ... it is cheaper these days to start again with a new camera > bit sad but that's the way it goes

Hope this helps a bit ...
Regards, Phil
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If you don't have the camera manual to tell you how to reset to factory defaults, you should be able to d/l a copy from Nikon's website.
The lens zooming out full when the camera is turned on may be normal operation for this model. Some cameras do this to self-calibrate when started up. The function key may have been programmed to allow shutter release without focus confirmation (if this is possible with the camera), and the autofocus may not be working for some reason, or the aperture/shutter speed are incorrect and the function may allow shutter release anyway. Without knowing the camera, I can't really tell.

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