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StevePn Jul 6, 2004 9:03 PM

Help please.

I am going to buy a Kyocera M410R. I'm confused over what brand of 256mb SD card to buy. The prices seem to vary quite a lot between brands for the same spec cards.

Some makes I have not heard of Kingston, etc. Does the speed make that much difference, as I will not be using the camera in video mode etc.

Thanking you in advance for any help and advise given.


steve Jul 7, 2004 9:17 AM

The Transcend 45x cards are fast and not too terribly expensive, Lexar and Sandisk Ultra are also nice. Youy never know when you WILL want to use the video or capture a rapid sequence burst so it pays to use a good card.

JimC Jul 7, 2004 11:23 AM

Panasonic and Simpletech SD Cards are rated at 10mb/second in larger (256mb, 512mb) sizes. Smaller SD Card sizesare slower.

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