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Default HELP! Whats the Difference between D100 and D1X??

I posted this question earlier with no luck and am hoping someone can help. I have narrowed my search for an upgraded digital SLR to one of three cameras - the Nikon D1X, Nikon D100 or the Fuji S2 Pro; however, I can't seem to find what the significant differences are between the D1X and the D100, other than the substantial price difference. One would think that Nikon would point out more clearly why they want you to pay nearly twice as much for the D1X, yet I can't easily tell.

Please, could someone list the basic differences between the D100 and D1X that justify the higher price tag?

I really want to know if I am missing something BEFORE I make a purchase.

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The D100 is a prosumer dSLR with a polycarbonate body over a steel chassis. The D1X is a professional camera based on Nikon's top of the line F5 film camera. The body is magnesium alloy and it is sealed against dirt and moisture. The D1X has a much faster auto focus system, a larger image buffer and a much more expensive image sensor.

The D100 is a great camera for the majority of us but pro users need cameras that can really take a beating and keep on working. There are a lot of other internal differences as well that seperate these two fine cameras.

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Thank you for the timely response and THANK YOU for your website. Most photo-buffs that I know, refer to your site as the "Cadillac" of camera review websites. Of course, I am now even less sure as to which camera to purchase.

I had dropped my Sony camera and it started freezing randomly quite often. It, obviously, was never built to take punishment. The repair costs were too excessive for me to bother fixing it. So, it now rests on much shelf, virtually dead. This makes me nervous about purchasing a decent camera that is not built handle abuse. Many people can go for years without a problem, I seem to attract Murhpy's attention much more often than most.

From what I read the Fuji S2 Pro has the best images in its class, but it also has a plastic case over the Nikon metal frame. In more than one review of the camera, the photographers liked the camera but felt it could break more easily. In one of them, the camera did break and had to be returned for repair.

All in all, the Canon EOS D60, the Nikon D100 and the Fuji S2 Pro seem to be very similar, all with their own pluses and minuses.

Herein lies the problem: if the only difference was the sturdiness, twice the cost would not seem to be worth it. I could purchase a spare of the other models - or better yet wait for the inevitable price drop as the cameras continue to improve. But, you mention things that seem much more than trivial to me - Speed and Dust protection.

In my life, most of the great "shots" came about when I was least prepared. In fact, trying to capture action really necitates a fast camera. I don't know how many times my shot was blurred as I tried to get the camera focused. I am leaning towards the much more professional end of cameras the more I dig. Not only do I want the camera to be fast, but also the lens. The AFS Nikor or HSM Sigmas seem to be what I am looking for - and, of course, one must pay for these "split second" differences.

I was trying to limit my budget to $5000 and have an exceptional Digital SLR setup. It appears that I need to increase my budget or compromise somewhere.

My mind, still filled to the brim with research, is yet unable to decide and is still seeking even more research. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a D1X at a D100 price - ahhh to dream!
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Originally Posted by twesterd
My mind, still filled to the brim with research, is yet unable to decide and is still seeking even more research. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a D1X at a D100 price - ahhh to dream!
Now there is the dream of many of us!

You haven't talked a lot about what you will do with the camera, so its tough for direct suggestions. You have named the right things to think about, though. I have used the D100 a few times and its a very nice camera. I prefer its light body over the 10D that I have. The AF system is much better in the D1X. It will work in lower light, with more lenses (higher fstop) than the D100. I believe it also has a more flexible flash system, but I could be wrong there.

The huge rumor (even on Canon based web sites) is that Nikon will announce its new cameras on the 22nd of this month. You might not want to make any decisions before the. I doubt the camera will be out soon, but it could still effect the price some. You never know.

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