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Why should I buy an expensive Blue Ray Hi definition Camcorder to shoot video clips onto its hard drivebut needs other expensive eqipment to project onto my widescreen TV?

The latest digital cameras can record Hi definition video clips on a 8 GB SDHC card. I can easily upload that into my computer or TV directly and see the results. No blue ray. What is going on?

Am I missing something or is Blue Ray heading into extinction?

Can someone explain?
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You have many options with HD Camcorders when it comes to media, some will record to tape, some to CD cards (same as a digicam), some to internal hard drives etc. So with the latter two you can put direct onto the PC for editing etc.

The video quality of a true camcorder is going to be better than that of a digicam which although good are not offering the same levels as the camcorders.

I shoot video with a Canon SX1 digicam which is the main reason I bought it, it does a job about 85% as well as a camcorder but for me the lens on there made up for it as I like to shoot sports where going very long is a major bonus.

The best way to get an idea of what to expect with different cameras go to Vimeo as you can often download the original footage as well as easily searching on the cameras that interest you.

You can find my videos at http://www.vimeo.com/marksmith
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Simbapimba - as you observe, several digicams can record HD Video onto SD cards, as can several HD Camcorders. As you would expect, camcorders tend to produce better video than stills and digicams tend to produce better stills than video.

If you do not edit the video, there is no need for a Blu-ray player because you can connect the digicam or camcorder directly to an HDTV and see your high definition video clips. But if you want to edit your HD video clips, add background music, titles, transitions, etc., then you need a powerful PC, HD video editing software, a DVD or Bluray burner, plus a Bluray player connected to your HDTV.

Hope this gives you an explanation that you are looking for.
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