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For what it's worth, I think zoom is damned important.

I'd trade my Kodak 6.1 MP for a Pentax Optio 450 or 550 anyday. Those Pentax modelshave asuper macro mode. Something I really wanted, but don't get with my Kodak.


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Having more optical zoom means you can fill your frame better with your subject hence minimizing any need for a crop in post processing. I have a Canon S1 IS and I love it. :-)
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Boy-oh-Boy. Can't wait for Chapter II of this one !
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Go with the zoom - more megapix does not mean beter picture.

There is very little difference between a 3mp then a 5mp.

Ken Rockwell writes . . .

Resolution has little to do with image quality. Color and tone are far more important technically. Even Consumer Reports in their November 2002 issue noted some lower resolution digital cameras made better images than some higher resolution ones.

Camera makers use the number of megapixels a camera has to hoodwink you into thinking it has something to do with camera quality. They use it because even a tiny linear resolution increase results in a huge total pixel increase, since the total pixel count varies as the total area of the image, which varies as the square of the linear resolution. In other words, an almost invisible 40% increase in the number of pixels in any one direction results in a doubling of the total number of pixels in the image. Therefore camera makers can always brag about how much better this week's camera is, with even negligible improvements.

The megapixel myth is also prevalent because men always want a single number by which something's goodness can be judged.

Unfortunately, it's all a myth because the number of megapixels (MP) a camera has has very little to do with how the image looks. Even worse, plenty of lower MP cameras can make better images than poorer cameras with more MP.
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