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Default Highest Commonly Available Monitor Resolution 19" CRT

It seems like, in the last few years, monitor size has topped out at 19", and resolution has topped out at 1600 x 1200. In fact, few people even run 19" monitors at 1600 x 1200. I didn't, until I became interested in displaying photos. Then I bumped up to 1600 x 1200, and increased the Windows font size.

Anyway, my monitor is my main photo display method (I really hate anything dead-tree), and I would like to improve the quality. So, I am wondering if there are, in fact, monitors and graphics cards that have higher resolution.

I'm talking cheap consumer stuff, I can't afford to be a hard-core hobbyist. (It was a splurge to spend $600 for a Lumix DMC-FZ10 camera!)
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As with cameras, resolution and image quality are two separate entities.

Look for monitors with vertical grill masks ala flatscreen CRT's instead of 'fishbowl' traditional shadow masks. Dot pitch also makes a difference. My current 17" Hitachi has a .21mm dp, compared to competing 17" from other makers having .25-.27. I play alot of 3D games and am obsessed about image quality in that aspect which is why I chose this Hitachi model.

Back say 3 or so years ago, a 19 incher was probably top of the range best you could get. They would have supported high resolution at usably high refresh rates. These days however 19" represent the "sweet spot" for consumer monitor size, so it's more mass produces with less stringent QC making it more likely to have a max res of 16x12 as you have. They may support higher, but the limited refresh rates usually make them unsuable.

You didn't mention what model you currently have - but I'd suggest looking at Sony tubes (also marketted under Mitsubishi Electronics) and Viewsonic. IMO they have the best image quality.
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I thought that Sony stopped making tubes awhile back (although maybe it's only the the trinitron tubes.) I like Trinitron based monitors, but they have the two alignment lines that bother some people. Check one out before you buy one.

I just wanted to second the ViewSonic suggestion. I have used them at various times in my life and I have always been very happy with them.

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