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Hi all, can anyone tell me a good way to avoid lens flare like in the pic attached? Any help appreciated.
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No offence, but I sorta like the lens flare in this shot... =o) Call me crazy...


Edit - BTW, a UV filter will do the trick!
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I would start by trying a smaller aperture. Lens flare of this type is most often caused by wide open or nearly so, lens. Use f/8 or smaller in aperture priority mode and see if it helps. With pictures of the sun, sometimes you just have to accept some flare.

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Cocktail - Lens flare is caused by stray or direct light rays reflecting off of the front lens elements and retaining rings of the lens. It does not have to be direct. Many lens begin to flare at around 30° from the source. This is one reason to use a properly sized lens hood. The tulip shaped hoods are popular and many put them on just for "looks". The problem is that they allow light in from certain angles that cannot always be predicted. The straight lens hood provides equal protection around the entire perimeter. Proper hood depth is important to provide shielding but not interfere with lens view. Dark shaded rings on your photos edges announce the presence of vignetting, which can be caused by the hood being too'deep' for the lens being used.

Hoods also provide protection for that accidental bump to your lens.
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