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Does anyone know how big you can blow up a picture with 5 megapixel camera and also when you put it into your computer how many times can you zoom into the picture before it distorts.
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I've done 8x10s from a 5MP Nikon Coolpix 5700 that look beautiful! You can zoom in to about 200%. By 300% you are pixelated.
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There are a lot of variables on how large a print including how good a photographer are you and exactly which 5MP camera are we really talking abought. Kodak's rule of thumb is a 5 MP will do a 20"x30". 6MP and above should be good for 30"x40". Your mileage may vary.

How many times can you zoom? What program are you zooming with. The answer as above has variable icluding you but in general you can go to 100% image size
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I've printed 13 X 19 prints from a 5Mp image. After some work they looked pretty good. But at around 135 PPI native resolution, more pixels would be better. I see improvements in the image up to at least 180 PPI. I use some fairly sophisticated upsample techniques and they don't improve the image very much over the native resolution.

Some subjects require less resolution than others and things like noise and lens quality can have an effect. You can get by with less resolution if the photo is viewed from a greater distance. A 20 X 30 from a 5Mp image might look great if it was on the wall behind your desk and people couldn't get any closer than eight or ten feet to it. Many good print houses prefer to do any upsample themselves for large prints.

For something like a team photo where people would look very closely at the individual faces I would say an 11 X 14 is probably the limit from 5Mp. That would give around 175 native PPI. That is assuming low noise and a sharp image requiring little cropping.

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If you are going to have the picture printed professionally, they have means of getting a better image for you than you would expect. If you are using a digital printing professional by all means talk to them about what to expect.
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