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Hi Folks,

I purchased a Canon SD 400 on ebay that was advertised as brand new. How can I tell for sure if it has been refurbished?

Thanks for your help!

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It is usually marked on the box somewhere. You can probably contact Canon and give them the serial # and they can tell you for sure. Did it come with a warranty card?
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Thanks for the help. Actually, I called Canon and was told that they had no way of knowing whether the serial number I gave them represented a new or refurbished camera. The camera came with everything except the warranty registration card. The box the camera came in was a white Canon box, rather than the box that the new camera would have come in.

I emailed the seller, and am pasting his reply below:

The reason why the camera came in a white box is because the camera is discontinued and since they don't make this camera they don't make the boxes and I'm able to get to get cameras without the color box, I work for Canonas well, and the Canon Warranty has already beenapplied to your camera and we extend your warranty because if you have any problems with your camera and were to send it to canon it would take you 60 days for you to get your camera back and they wouldn't give you another newone, they would just repair it for you, but instead I can send you another newcamera, within the same day, I will send you another newcamera before you send the defective one back to me. This isto your advantageif you have any problems we can get you out another camera much faster that having it repaired. I will also gladly refund your money, if you would like, just please let me know as soon as possible.
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I see no reason for the seller to have applied the warranty registration for you. You bought the camera, so you should apply registration yourself. If the seller wanted to extend the manufacturer's registration, the seller could offer that separately.

Do you have a receipt of this transaction? Without a warranty card, you usually need the receipt to make a warranty claim.

A white box generally means refurbished, but the box is usually marked as such. It may very well be that the white box you is what you would pull out of a retail package.

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