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im looking into getting a DSLR in the next few months. i currently have a panasonic Lumix FZ7.this has a focal range of 37 - 432 ( i think ). i know the sensor is tiny in this camera, but not sure how small.

i want to find a lens for a nikon that will give the same magnification as the FZ7 gives me. I know the nikon sensor is bigger ( 22.7x 15.6m, multiplier value of 1.5).

i dont know how to compare these two lenses, or how to convert them both to 35mm terms so as to compare them . i have read a few informational sites on this topic and kind of underatand it but this issue is giving me a lot of grief. any light you could shed on the issue would be great. thanks all
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The Pany has an actual focal length of 6-72 , with a multiplier value of 6 giving you in 35mm terms , 36 - 432mm equiv.

So if the new camera has a multiplier of 1.5 then you are looking for a lens (or lenses) covering 24-288

24-288 (x1.5) = 36- 432mm equiv

The Panys' sensor is 1/2.5 " which should be 5.760mm x 4.290mm according to the table at

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Yes, that seems right.

A 28-300 will give you very similar coverage.

In quality and value-for-money you can generally do better if you are willing to split that coverage into 2 lenses. Something like an 18-55 (or 18-70) and a 70-300.
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