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I read a few articles about pro labs vs your walmarts and costcos. I am just wondering how do you find a good pro lab near your location?

What machines should they be using? I heard Fuji Frontier is the best. I also heard they should be running the improved PIC software from Fuji (walmart and costco probably dont have this). It is like a 40,000 software upgrade that makes the machine NOT do color correction, etc. on the fly.
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Try your local Yellow pages.

The Prolabs are not cheap, the ones I use charge almost double for the first setup print of each image, and the unit price is about 3x Costcos price for the smaller prints up to 12*18. This includes custom color corrections and matching. Shipping is on top of the printing price.

What equipent they have I could not care less [img]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Peter/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/img]:lol: so long as a fedex truck shows up with the the images within my promised turnaround time.
I doubt they are using the little minilabs like the frontiers for prints that can reach 48*96 inches. I'd guess maybe a Cymbolic Science LightJet 5000 but really have no idea.
They do offer wide format inkjet prints up to 48*72.

You did not say where you are :-)
http://www.westcoastimaging.com/ is one I know of in the US (I'm in Canada).

EDIT: Yes you did:!: it the post list shows you are in Georgia, that seems to disapear when the post is open. :?

Here is a Kodak Proshots lab locator
won't help with labs using the ROES or photoreflect systems.

In most cases you will need to set up an account with the lab before they will handle your work.
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