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photocat Oct 9, 2005 4:13 PM

Aside from the awesome "Breaking News" portion of this does one know about upcoming releases of cameras?

I'm primarily interested to know what certain camera manufacturers may have in the works to release over the next several months.

Are there websites with this information?

I often see posts where people seem to know "well the modelX will becoming out at the end of the year with all of these new features/upgrades..." But have no idea how they know, if it is accurate, how to find out myself, etc.


JimC Oct 9, 2005 9:38 PM

If you want accurate information, you'll need to wait for the press releases.

You'll see lots of rumours and speculation in the forums.

Some of it is just educated guessing, and sometimes it's even based on looking up model names that manufacturers have filed trademarks for. But, just because you see a model number that a manufacturer might use at some point, there's no guarantee that it will be when users think it will.

Also, it's natural for manufacturers to update models at regular intervals. So, if a model has been out for a while, speculation always starts on what the next model will be.

It's called rumour. ;-)

Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's not.

Sometimes, manufacturersdon't want to hurt sales of existing products, sothey may notannounce a new product too far in advance via press releases.

Other times,they'll announce new products well in advance of their product ship dates, probably to keep existing customers from defecting to a different manufacturer that may already have a more advanced product shipping. They also may want to keep competitors from knowing too much about their plans.

IOW, they keep this information "under wraps" until it's advantageous for them to let the public know about it. When they want you to know, they'll issue a press release.

Also, when a new sensor comes out, speculation starts again. For example, one manufacturer may come out with a new model using a specific sensor, so others using the same sensor may follow (in consumer cameras, many of the manufacturers use the same sensors from Sony, Panasonic and Sharp). So, when you see one prosumer model coming out, others normally follow.

Examples would be cameras like the Sony DSC-F828, Nikon 8800, Olympus 8080 and Canon Powershot Pro 1, released at around the same time. They all use a Sony 8MP 2/3" CCD.

Now, sometimes people do have accurate knowledge about a new camera. In that case, they're going to be under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). So, they can't tell you anything about a new model anyway.

Of course, you get the forum posters that claim to know about a camera in great detail. More often than not, it's because they read a forum post somewhere else from someone that is supposedly "in the know". Then, they post about it, and it continues (and is often assumed as fact, depending on the "twists" the rumours go through over time).

My uncle's best friend works at XYZ Company and he says that they're releasing a new 10.4 Megapixel Model. He's not supposed to talk about it, but here's what I found out from him.....:-)

Don't trust everything you read in the forums from posters claiming to know something about a new model. More often than not, they're just guessing and/or passing on rumours they've heard elsewhere.

photocat Oct 10, 2005 9:01 PM

Thanks so much Jim - great information!

I thought my web surfing skills had failed me but I guess there isn't some secret spot that has all of this info. :G

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