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I am a newbie in color management. How to get the color match from what I see on the monitor screen to the print out. Do I need to have monitor and printer profiles ?
If I have my profile, how to have soft-proofing in photoshop ?
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I have CS2, and it has soft-proofing built in. I hope this info works for whatever verison of photoshop you have.

You absolutely need a printer profile. Having a monitor profile will help lots, but isn't required. If you're monitor is already setup close to what is "right" you could be ok.

This is one of the reasons I got an Epson 4000. It comes with a good number of high quality printer profiles. All the "professional" grade epson printer do... and a good number of after-market paper makes provide profiles for many Epson printers.

Once you have these things, you need to look under the... "view" menu (I think that is the name) and the absolute first thing on the manu is soft proof... and it lets you pick the printer and paper you'll use.

Then press control-y, and that enables the soft proofing and shows you what it will look like. There is also a setting where it shows you colors in your image that are unreproduceable with your printer/paper choice - called "out of gambit warning". For example, matte papers have less dynamic range, and therefor I have some prints which can't be reproduced on matte paper, but can be printed on glossy paper (which has a wider dynamic range.)

And you're done.

I'm quite sure the PS manual will tell you all that and more.

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After open an image, you need assign your working space (Image>Mode>Assign Profile), then you need convert it to your printer profile (Image>Mode>Convert to Profile). If you have more than one profile to convert, you need to repeat above steps.
Pls make sure that you make every step correctly, otherwise, you didn't know where is go wrong and easy get lost after several conversation.

For soft-proofing, I use Qualux SoftProofer to preview my image. It is very flexible. It allows me to convert color under a series of ICC profile. I could preview my setting immediately. After getting what I need, i will follow its steps by Photoshop to print my image.

This link may help: http://www.qualux.com.

it is free !

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