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Thanks for the pics with and without the flash!

Since I first posted my question I've had a chance to rethink my needs. While I would initially be a PnS person I do want a camera I can grow into. So the camera would have to have a "full manual mode". In which case, of the cameras mentioned, I think the Canon G6 and Olympus C-7070 would be the better choices.

Also, I'd like a camera that can record in both RAW and TIFF formats. Should I choose to do some creative work in Photoshop. Like to have my options open. Opting for the SD500 wouldn't allow me to do that.

Any opinions on the upcoming Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30? I heard it's coming in September (in the UK). Does any one have the ETA for Canada?

Thanks again people!
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When it comes to flash, most manufacturers tend to be somewhat optomistic as to how far the flash will reach. So use those numbers with a grain of salt.

The PC connector mentioned above is a small round socket used to fire a flash unit via cable. It is strictly a two conductor device. Most modern flash units, use multiple conductors to actually communicate with the camera regarding focal length, distance to subject and to control the flash output. So the PC connector is not as common as it used to be.

Camera to purchase? Hmmm, that is always a difficult decision. The small ultra compact cameras are great as they are small enough to easily fit in a pocket and be taken anywhere, all the time. But they have limited, if any, manual control.

The mid priced cameras will offer more features and some manual control, but will probably be just big enough to be uncomfortable in your pocket.

The 'prosumer' models usually have great manual control, a BIG zoom lens and most definately will not fit in your pocket.

The dSLR's offer the most flexability. You can change the lenses, you will have full manual control and there (usually) is a very wide range of accessories available. These are also the largest (as in size) class of digital cameras.

All of these cameras will take JPG images, but most below the prosumer models will not take RAW (or TIFF).

Raw is preferable to TIFF, mainly because the raw file is actually much smaller than the TIFF, but larger than JPG (the most space efficient).

Select a camera based upon what your needs are and how you plan to use it.

Hope that helps a little.

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DarkDTSHD wrote:
Any opinions on the upcoming Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30? I heard it's coming in September (in the UK). Does any one have the ETA for Canada?
I was wondering the same thing too...

Even though the FZ30 may land in Canada in a few months, I just bought an FZ20, predecessor to the FZ30 of course. I'm very happy with it. For what it's worth, the hotshoe on the FZ20 was one of the many factors that made me decide to get it instead of the FZ5.
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The term 'PC Connector' is an old one...showing my age I'm afraid...(and doesn't have anything to do with PC as in "Personal Computer') but refers to an external port for a wired connection to an flash. Some people like having the freedom to hold the flash where they like...away from the camera...pointing where they like...rather than being stuck only using the lighting angle they get when the flash is fixed on the hotshoe.

Cameras like the Sony V3, have both a hotshoe AND an external socket for a wired connection to a flash..other cameras do as well. In ancient times, cameras sometimes came with a 'cold shoe' (which has no electrical connections to the flash at all) and the flash was triggered...again...through a wired port.
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Hello Meryl,

Nice to see a fellow Torontonian in the forum.

Thank for the last 3 comments people. Points taken.

I think I'm still leaning towards a "compact" PnS like the Canon G6 of Olympus C-7070 (or possibly the Sony DSC-V3...which is no longer on the www.sonystyle.ca site...not their flagship model the DSC-828...new models about to be introduced?). While they both won't fit in your pocket they are still relatively "compact" versus the hi-end PnS cameras with 12x optical zooms (e.g. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30...ETA?) and the DSLRs. And they offer "full manual mode".

Which of the 3 I don't know yet...but I think it is more between the G6 and C-7070 based on test reports and user comments. The Olympus is said to have less noise as the ISO numbers rise vs the G6. Is better in low light conditions too...

I might consider the Panasonic FZ30 too...slightly larger...but I think a superior camera in terms of features and the sample photos I've seen posted on various sites. It seems the Leica lens does eek out a little more detail than those used by Canon, Olympus, Nikon....et al. At least to my eyes. Keeping in mind that you can't totally judge output based on JPG files.

Have a good weekend people!
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