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I see a lot of memory card advertives speed like 60x, 80x, 120x, 150x...and so on. If you have a PnS digital camera how important are those high speed card? I am mainly talking a bout SD and CF card since they are the most popular. Sony MS and the xD have somewhat of a fixed speed.

San Disk rate there Ultra II card to be 60x, with write speed of 9MB per sec and read speed of 10MB per sec.

Most digital camera will shoot at only 2-3mb of storage space per shot unless if you are shooting RAW which is more.

So my question is, is having a high speed card really worth it? Will this cut down on lag time between shots or is the camera itself playing a bigger factor in that part?

The only thing that I see that could be noticable will the the transfer time between the card and the computer. Most people transfer using the camera itself so it wont effect it as much. Or if you have a dSLR or a camera that can shoot many shoots in RAW mod, thats about it.

Is my logic correct?
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Some cameras are able to use the high speeds more effectively than others. In general, older cameras are a bit slower, though some have had firmware upgrades to improve write speeds. Check reviews and user groups for the model you are interested in to find out what others' experiences have been.

I think the push for higher speed cards has come more from the mp3 crowd, than from camera users. The kids want to load up 4GB of music and don't want to wait.

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most point and shoot cameras can't take advantage of the speeds. They can't write fast enough. As you said, the only benefit is in transfer to the PC - which, for some, is still benefit enough. DSLRs can take advantage of it - but even in that arena, most DSLRs can't take advantage of the fastest cards.

For me, it would be worth it to spend a little more for an Ultra II card (since the prices were slashed in half) just for download speeds. A 1gb Ultra II card should be going for around $50-60 now.
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