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brendak2000 Apr 30, 2005 11:45 AM

I'm waiting for the Canon S2 to come out so that I can purchase it but I'm wondering how long it takes when a new camera is released for the price to start dropping?

Does this typically take weeks? or months? I desperately need a new camera so I think I'll just go ahead and order it as soon as I can but I was just curious as to how soon the price will go down.

atlantagreg May 6, 2005 12:32 AM

There is really no way to tell when makers will give the "ok" to drop prices to the retail stores.

However consider that the S2 will be shipping next month (or so). It will have only a couple of summer months in the stores before the early holiday stuff cranks up (earlier each year it seems) in September. Traditionally unless sales are really hurting, digicam prices on popular models stay rock solid at Christmastime, so I would not expect the price of the S2 to drop below $479.00 until after the Christmas shopping season. You might find a deal around that time where a memory card is included or something like that, though. was running a clearance sale on the S1 for only $249.00 this week if it's still good. If you don't need the extra pixels of the S2, this is a very good price on the S1.


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