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Iam looking into getting the Nikon D200. I am wondering what is the life of a digital camera. Will it work perfectly for ever?
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Unfortunetly not as long as my Nikon F has (40+ years now) But it should last as long as any other modern camera. It seems to me that it's hard to tell with digitals though, so many odd things go wrong.
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According to Nikon this has been tested to 100,000 cycles the same as the Canon 30D so you should get quite a lot of use before that needs servicing. As long as you keep it looked after then it will keep on going, however most people will upg before this is needed.
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I have had my Nikon F2 since the mid 70's, and it is still going strong. I don't use it any more, but it is still fully functional.

I also have a very good Nikon dSLR, but I doubt it will last nearly as long. I do not expect it to break mechanically, but I do have my doubts about the electronics. Modern electronics, while very good, can fail on what seems like a whim. As your camera ages, getting those electronics repaired can and will get increasingly difficult, plus, most likely, cost prohibitive.

On the other hand, when my dSLR does malfunction, it will, I hope, be many years from now, and by then, the state of the art will have progressed to the point that it would make more sense, both financially and technically, to just purchase a new camera rather than try to repair the malfunctioning one.
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