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Default How long will a CCD last ?

Maybe a stupid question, but since I bought my HP850 the counter allready has a heavy 2400 pics on it (after about 4 months).

How long will it last ?

I'm taking further good care of the camera.

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Probably it will outlast the mechanical things. Some digicams have a mechanical shutter which opens and closes primarily to protect the sensor from direct light when the camera is being carried with the lens up, etc. - this and mechanical things such as switches are likely to fail before the CCD itself. Obviously, nearly anything has some life cycle - cameras are no different, but you will likely replace it because of obsolesence before you wear it out.

Professional equipment and dSLR's usually have shutter failure. Most of the better ones are guaranteed for around 150,000 cycles. Some have gone over a half million and are still working. Fortunately the shutter mechanism can be replaced on these.

Some of the digital scanning backs for medium format are still working fine approaching 1,000,000 cycles. I know of one case where a user has a Sony DSC-F707 with over 65,000 snaps and it's still functioning.

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As long as you don't do a lot of sun pictures, should last a very long time, but there's always the possibilities of hot/stuck/dead pixels...that's where pixel mapping comes handy (if your camera has it; you may have to ship it back to the manufacturer for them to do it if it gets bad).

I've known people who have taken over 20,000 pictures with no problems.
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I know that I have taken over 5000 pictures with my current Olympus C4040. I have not noticed any hot pixels in the pics or by testing for hot pixels. If the ccd dies, I will send it back to Oly for an estimate for repair, but it be a good excuse to look for a new camera.
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Most manufacturers have fixed rates for repairs which makes it sometimes not worth it. I think digital cameras will be like computers...you won't bother to have them fixed, you'll get a new component (the only exception being laptops, and expensive digicams). I know if my C-700 broke and required $200+ in service, I won't bother getting it fixed...instead I'll get a C-750 (or whatever the current model is), or something better.
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