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brendak2000 May 5, 2005 10:50 AM

I am going to purchase a Canon S2 IS. If I have a 512MB card how long of a video will I be able to record? Also, about how many pics will fit on this card if I take them at the best quality?

djb May 6, 2005 1:01 AM

If your camera has a VGA video (640x480) and @30fps you can get about 8 or 9 minutes on 512 meg. That's if your camera allows continuous video. some cameras only allow 30 - 60 second video capture.


rds May 6, 2005 1:16 AM

From Steve's Review Page:

640 x 480 pixels Fine (max. 9:09 at 30fps)
640 x 480 pixels (max. 12:23 at 30fps)
320 x 240 pixels (max. 26:41 at 30fps)
A maximum file size of 1 GB and a maximum of 1-hour recording are available in one movie shooting session.
Frame Rate 15 frames/sec. or 30 frames/sec

brendak2000 May 6, 2005 1:20 AM


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