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Just recently after buying my Optio S40 in early October I replaced it in January not even 4 months after I bought it with the SD300 hoping that I'd have a bettor camera with bettor features.

There are still a few mixed feelings about the decision.

There were a lot of good and bad things I liked about the decision but the good ones don't justify the amount of money I spent for the SD300

My question how often to you buy or replace your digital Camera?
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So far I've only had 2 digital cameras. About 3 years ago I aquired an Olympus C5050z, and just a couple weeks ago I aquired a Canon 20D. I tend to do very meticulous research before I drop the money on anything so I can be pretty sure I'm getting what's best to suit my needs at any given time (and even well into the future), to keep me out of having to constantly upgrade.

In fact the C5050z has served me well enough that I've kept it and still use it in situations where I don't care to drag a DSLR camera around.
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I've seen people still using 20 year old film cameras and enjoying them with good results.

I'd say the best time to upgrade your camera is when either your needs change, or you "outgrow" your camera.

How do you know if you've "outgrown" your camera?If your camera's constraintslimits your ability to improve as a photographer, then it may be worthwhile to upgrade if you can afford it.

Forexample, a point and shooter may decide they are more serious about their photography and need a camera with manual controls (aperture, shutter speed controls, etc.).

Another example is a serious amateur looking for the flexibility of switching lenses, and would appreciate higher resolution for cropping and better picture quality. The serious amateur might upgrade to a digital SLR.

Your needs may change if you've typically taken family and vacation photos, and now your daughter is playing soccer and you need a zoom lens. Or you've taken up a hobby where you need to take close up (macro)pictures of your creations.

Some pro photographers I know buy a new camera every two years. Their livelyhood depends on getting the best images, and they don't want anyone else to have an equipment edge on them.

As for me, Iexpect a camera to last me two to four years. Then I get bored and need something better.

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Your upgrade cycle is too fast. Unless you are somewhat wealthy or use digicams as bling bling , I wouldn't upgrade that quickly. If you really like upgrading, you should probably upgrade once every 1.5 years.

As far as my upgrading is concerned, well... I'm a newbie to photography... and I'm not sure if I'm into photography... and I don't make too much money (certainly not enough to upgrade every year)... so all this means that I'll keep my camera for 5 years. However, I might get a camera in different "class". For example, I have an ultra-zoom right now (Canon S1 IS) and my next camera within 5 years will likely be an ultra-compact. This way, I will have an ultra-compact that I can take to restaurants, parties, or whatever... and an ultra-zoom that I can use to take more serious pics...
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Old Jan 23, 2005, 6:30 PM   #5
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I'm not hardcore photographer I just like taking lots of everyday pictures. I wont be upgrading for a while... well I dont think so anyways :G

My first purchase was an impulse buy and I was quit happy with it even though I spent a lot.. one of the bigger investments and I had no regrets at all the best purchase I ever made.. cameras are so much fun...

Especialy what I got for my money the Optios S40 was a great purchase and luckily for me I bought it out of sheer luck. I didn't do much research and I was lucky it had a lot to offer compared to the competition.

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Old Jan 23, 2005, 10:59 PM   #6
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Ive owned 3 digital cameras thus far. This first one lasted me about 2 years (Finecam S3) before it was replacedwith the Oly C750 I still have now. That was about 18months ago and just over a month ago I purchased and Oly E-1. I would most likely would have replaced or bought more cameras than I have if I could justify the expense.... but for me the 1.5-2year mark seems to work well.
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My first digicam was a Fuji purchased four years ago. I recently replaced it with an FZ3. I only did this because I wanted more zoom, and not because of any fault of the Fuji. If the Fuji had 12x, I'm sure I would still have it....

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