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hey guys,newbie here my problem is how can i purchase from the web and do i have to pay all the extra charges like the shipping and the like, see im from the philippines (pacquiao island) and its my first time if ever im gonna purchase a canon a610 on the web. another thing is, is it true that all the items are brand new and with complete accessories? thx in advance for all your replies
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Do you want to limit yourself to auction sites like e-Bay, or are you going to check out standard on-line retailers, too?

On e-Bay you can find new and used stuff. A lot of e-Bay sellers based in the U.S. will not ship outside of the U.S., so before you buy or bid on something, you have to make sure that the seller ships out of country. They usually say so right on their page. If you buy from e-Bay, consider signing up for PayPal. It's a good way to pay for things you buy. They have a lot of built-in protections from fraud and most e-Bay sellers seem to accept PayPal.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay a higher postage rate plus any additional duties that your own country might add on.

For more traditional on-line retailers, you can buy new, used and refurbished. Refurbished stuff are things like store demo models and things that people have sent back to the store because there was a problem with it, or they just didn't like the product. The factory then checks the unit out and makes any repairs or adjustments that are necessary for the unit to function like new. They can't sell them as new, so they sell them as refurbished or factory reconditioned items at big discounts.
Some on-line places sell new stuff for prices well below what everyone else might be selling the same product for. There have been many people on this forum who have had bad experiences with these places or know someone who has. Be suspicious of places selling way below everyone else for new merchandise, because much of the time they will try to rip you off in other ways.

Hopefully, most of the on-line retailers who say they provide new merchandise with all accessories and warrenties will do so. If this is not spelled out on their site, you can usually contact them by e-mail and ask.

Good luck!

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Yeah, if you are that much of a newbie, I would stay away from ebay for now and stick with a reputable online dealer. bhphoto video, best buy, buydig etc...

You can find good deals on ebay, but sometimes it is not worth the risk. I usually find that you can get electronics new at the above sites for the same price, and they have stated return policies and customer service departments.

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thanks a lot guys for the very enlightening reply i think im gonna surf the sites that VAtechtigger mentioned.

and if its ok with you, Mr. Grant and Mr/Ms VAtechtigger to ask your opinion, if ever i find something that caught my attention on the site that VAtechtigger above mentioned?

again thanks a lot and god bless!
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hmmm, i found this article on yahoo, maybe this would intrest you, here http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/051214/20051...65.html?.v%3D1 hope the link works yahoo's links are crappy somtimes
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