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Default How to restore picture dates?

Hi all

I edited some images on my digital photos (taken with a Canon PowerShot). Now the dates on the images are different! How do I restore the dates to the dates the pictures were taken?

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Default Re: How to restore picture dates?

Are you referring to the date stored as part of the EXIF data that the camera wrote when it created the JPG file or the file date Windows (or whatever operating system you use) wrote when you transferred the image to your computer?

I don't believe that the EXIF data (shutter speed, F number, metering, date and time the image was taken, etc.) can be changed without some advanced development skill to hack into the encoded data in the image file itself.

The original "Date Picture Taken" EXIF data should still be preserved as part of your edited image file. Check the file properties and you should see that the original date should still be there.

The dates on the file itself can be manipulated by playing around with your computer's system clock. Technically, if you changed the date on your PC (I don't recommend it) and then copied the file, the copy of the file will have the system date on your computer.

Originally Posted by gary_hendricks
Hi all

I edited some images on my digital photos (taken with a Canon PowerShot). Now the dates on the images are different! How do I restore the dates to the dates the pictures were taken?

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A lot depends on the image editing package you use. Some may modify the EXIF data (or overwrite it entirely).

Most probably modify the system date/time stamp when saving a new copy.

Irfanview (free package) can modify images, allowing you to save both the original EXIF info, as well as the system date/time stamp.

You'll see this option when you use the Save As menu choice (check box to save original system date/time).

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Also some cameras name the pictures after the date...I know Olympus does the following:

P(month)(day)(picturenumber), today would be Pa05xxxx (a=10 in hexidecimal for the tenth month).

Maybe your camera does something similar.

I guess this is a lesson to never alter your originals...if I ever want to alter a picture, even if it's just for printing I'll make a copy of it in a working directory, and leave my originals intact.
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Hello Gary,

When working on a Windows computer, you might want to try the software tool "File Date Corrector". This software for Windows can extract the original date taken in the metadata and restore the system file date from the "date taken". You can download a demo version at http://www.infonautics-software.ch/filedatecorrector

Hope this information is of any help.
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Default Creation Datetime

As others have noted, the file date is not the same as the image creation datetime which can be set arbitrarily and easily using a Digital Asset Management package such a Daminion. For example, I have a pile of scanned images with a creation datetime in the 19th century. I can sort images by the creation datetime as opposed to the file date.

Setting a new creation datetime is a simple matter of selecting an image or images in the DAM and choosing the preferred date. The new date is saved in the DAM database and then written back to the original file.

By default, new, camera generated images have the creation datetime when they were taken and this survives edits, exports and re-saves unless you wish otherwise.
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If you want to deal with files the only way is with the finder and searching for software that will deal with file metadata - that does not involve Photos...If you use Photos it deals with the Photos metadata if available and will show Years/collections/moments based on the Photo metadata - you can organize into albums and folders in Photos.
The "best" way is totally dependent on what you are trying to accomplish - to deal with the file then Photos is not involved - to deal with the PHotos then Photos is one good way (There are other programs that deal with Photos too like LightRoom, etc)
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