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All of us have got a real passion for photography. Being shooting for a long time, sure by now there are even a small percentage of your photos that you does really feel they are great and would like others to see them and see your vision towards photography.

Your next step after having some great photos that makes up your portfolio is to get your online presence. This presence starts with reserving a domain name like say, ArtWolfe.com, Canon.com and others. Domain names are sold on the internet and there are a number of TLDs which are .com, .net, .cc, .org and others. What you must do is try to quickly grasp YourName.com. However, being in 2007, by now, there is a possibility that your name have been already taken. You can try now .net or others or maybe use hyphens (dashes) to get around this.

After getting your domain name, hopefully "yourname.com" you will have then to buy web hosting which is the space you will "rent" on someone's server on the internet to store your website and photos. Hosting is sold mainly by domain sellers or other companies that only offer hosting. Your step after getting your hosting is create the website with your galleries, like nature, portraits, macro and others and upload your photos then. A simple option is to use Photoshop's gallery generation module that comes as part of Photoshop and you then select a folder and a gallery style and then thumbnails (small images)will be generated that links to full size photos. You will then connect to your hosting server and upload the folder created by Photoshop. By, this you will have YourName.com as your domain name and an online portfolio to show off your work for the whole world.

As a recommendation, there is a well known domain seller who offers hosting also named ComboDomains.com. What is special with these people is that from there name, you get combo packages to save as much as possible. On the internet the usual price of a domain name is around $9/year. To note this is for the name only. You will add then hosting, and gallery creation. These guys however, give you a ready made online gallery with hosting (2.5 GB) for just $2 and a fraction for a month.

With the purchase of an online gallery from ComboDomains.com, we get the domain name then for just $1.99 instead of $9 and $10. ComboDomains gallery also can have sub folders or albums, as much as you like, nature, animals, macro, flowers etc. For each of these albums then you can customize the theme and look by choosing from 70 different looks.

What is great also is that once you get your domain name and gallery you are eligible then for Free 10 prints from your own photos and after that you, any one of your family or friends, or any one in the world can order prints online from you UN-protected galleries as you could also have some of your albums password protected like a party, wedding or others and you could email your family the password to access these protected photos.

To get this offer you can visit the main web site of http://www.ComboDomains.com or jump directly to what they name as PhotoFiler which is the online galleries we were talking about by going directly to http://gallery.combodomains.com . Enjoy having your own website and posting links and banners all over the internet to your site and let all the people out there see you tremendous effort in getting that shot.
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looks like a cut and pasted advert
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Agree, and if it is an advert this post will be deleded in short order.
Posting Ads is a violation of this sites TOS.

Besides why bother with this junk when you can upload and share huge amounts of your images on free places like flickr.com (owned by yahoo)
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