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tphss Jan 23, 2004 10:20 AM

How to take a certain picture
Hi all,

I wanterd to know if anyone can give me a link to a manual that can explain how to take certain type of picture.
Basically, I want to know how to shoot some specific pictures (too bad I can't upload pictures for example here...).

One is, when you see a city at night at a kind of overview, and all the cars are coming out in the picture as beams of light (moving...) but all the rest is still. I can't take that type of picture will my bare hands right? I need some sort of camera stand (is a camera stand called Tripod?)?

Another one is related to sports, when for example a car is going fast and you take a picture that you see the car real clear crisp and sharp and all the backround is blurred (sort of lines)...

Was wondering if someone can help me with this,

photosbyvito Jan 23, 2004 10:28 AM

i can tell you them :)
the one with the city you want a tripod(the camera stand) and a camera that you can leave the shutter open for long periods of time.....then you just set up the camera on the tripod where you want (making sure you see a lot of cars) and click
then take a couple different shots with different shutter speeds (i think all over 15 seconds)....the longer you leave it open the longer the car lines will be and the brighter the lights will be!

for the car picture
this one is a little harder.....(cuz your working with a moving object)
you have to use a slower shutter speed (i haven't personally taken a shot like this so i don't know how slow :( - ) but as far as i know you just click the shutter and follow the car as best you can....remember(if you can) take a couple of shots! that way you have much more of a chance to get a good shot!
well hope this helped

Have fun!
(if anyone has done this before correct me if i'm wrong ;) -)

tphss Jan 23, 2004 10:49 AM


That's what I thought about the city...

Anyway, about the moving object, can you or someone give me some numbers? like how to set the camera?

And yes I can take a couple of shots, I have a really good burst mode.

But I think with the burts mode I will catch a photo that the WHOLE photo is clean and sharp. not like I want- just the moving object to be focused.

Thanks again.

slipe Jan 23, 2004 11:09 AM

Manual mode in most cameras gives you a match needle. Point the camera at a representative section of the city without the car lights and set the aperture and shutter speed so the meter is happy. Then just take the shot with the cars included. Most cameras have bracketing and I would set it up to bracket the shutter speed. The smaller you make the f setting the longer the car trails will be since you have to increase the exposure time for the smaller aperture.

The shutter speed you need to blur the background is dependent on how fast the object is moving relative to you. If you are close to the road with a car in a race passing at 100mph the relative motion of the car is going to be very fast in relation to the background. 1/30 second will blur the background nicely since you will be panning very fast. If the object moving is farther away you need a slower speed since you won’t be moving the camera as fast.

You are going to have to anticipate the shot to make up for shutter lag. If the camera has manual focus that will reduce the lag considerably. If your camera has a EVF you will also have to take the EVF lag into consideration. The people who take those shots with a car perfectly sharp and the background blurred have likely spent a lot of time learning to pan perfectly. They also probably take a lot of shots to get a few good ones.

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