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That is all great to hear.

My dadknow of an accountant who owns $30,000 worth of camera gears. (Just informing)

Perhaps, I should just wait until I had finished my final exam next week; theninquire more about the college courses. I am absolutely not sure whatI should really bedoing. :G

BTW, thanks for all thehelp so far.


:| :|

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We are glad to give it, it sounds like you really want to learn what you can and intend to put it into practice.

Its great fun helping someone who actually *wants* the help.

Good luck.

Something that came to mind which you might consider... look to apprentice with a photographer. You'll have to gain some skill first (they don't want a complete nob, they need someone who will help them.) It won't pay much, if anything, but practical hands on experience is invaluable.

Unfortunately, finding someone who will do that could be difficult. Depends if you're near a larger city... and if someone is willing to take you. You'll probably need to build personal contacts and find a person/company that way (instead of dry-calling every one in the yellow pages.)

Oh, and I completely agree with Riley's comment about a small business course. Even better! If you run the business your self, you absolutely need to understand that side of the business... you could be a great photographer and the business could fail because you don't know how to run it.

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