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hey guys...

please excuse the question that's only indirectly about photography...but i thought you'd be able to help...


i have a page...that will look very similar to the picture i'm posting...

now, basically, i want links going across the top bar...right below my amazing graphic :-p

what, in your opinion would be the best way to do this?

lol, i just started learning html three days ago...but i know a good amount for such a short time...

so, image map? or, set the image as the background...and right text overtop (using styles to make the links look alright...), or something else?

also...in an image map...what does each coordinate mean? it's "0,0,45,60" (lol, the numbers don't mean anything...but show how i've seen it before)for rectangles...

i think the last two were placement...but the first two can't be size...

the circle made sense...it had three columns for coordinates...so it would be position horizontally, position vertically, then the size of the circle

well, thanks!

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I like image maps. They allow you to have functionality without having to compromise your design.

I notice that Steve has this for his main index on the digicam site.

The link below has some great forums. Scroll halfway down for Web Design.


I've never used image map, but I'd assume the four coords would be the two corners of a rectangle?

Have a look at the page source for Steves main index. See if the coords HE has match up with what you see on the screen. I'm sure you'll soon see how they work.

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I would use image slices, which means that you slice the navitagion bar into several images which link to the certain pages.

But the best thing would actually be, to use text links as they will work with any browser.
the page can look too different on different browsers.

Plus, you don't need to load images for the navigation.

A general rule is, that your index page must not be larger than ~30kb (including all graphics and html code)
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photosbyvito wrote:
... basically, i want links going across the top bar...
Slices or ISMAP will work well if your links are images. I prefer ISMAP since those cannot be rearranged by flaws in the newest wow-wow browser.

If your links are going to be text, a table works well.
As you learn HTML, get a few browsers. It is all too easy to put together a web page that works with IE, but doesn't with any other browser. Since I favor NetScape, I see a lot of that.
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