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This next January, I'll be in Hawaii (Oahu) for a full month. Before then, I'll have my hands on a Canon Digital Rebel XT. My question lays in the humidity of Hawaii. Will I need to worry about my lens/camera at all with how humid it can get in Hawaii?

Moreover, what about the plane trip over? Condensation? I'm assuming it'd be smart to just bring the camera as carry-on luggage.
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From a security standpoint it would be smart to take it as carry-on (well, thats subjective), but I dont think condensation would be a problem in the plane. The worst thing I've done to my camera (maxxum 5D) was to take it to the zoo when it was snowing, and go into all the hot humid animal houses.... it was nearly submerged in its own condensation. I've been out in the snow and rain a couple of times since, too, with no trouble so far.
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First off - always take your camera gear as carryon. Don't check it unless you don't care to get it back. Here's a dirty little secret: read the fine print on your plane ticket or the airline's web site - they are NOT resposnible for any camera gear lost or damaged. So, don't ever risk it - always carry the gear with you.

As to humidity - humidity itself is not a problem. What is a problem is the change in temperature/humidity going from air conditioning to outside and vice versa. When you leave an air conditioned building or car with your gear and go outside.If you take out the gear it will imediately fog up. You need to wait for the metal/glass to acclimate before doing so. This can take 20 minutes of time. During that time you do NOT want to change lenses and do not want to work any telescoping lenses (e.g. my Canon 28-135 lens telescopes so you don't want condensation getting pulled in by working the zoom). So, be prepared to let your gear acclimate. The best thing to do is allow a 20-30 minute period going in/out airconditioning for your gear to adjust - with the biggest risk being when your gear is used to air conditioned dry cool air and suddenly goes outside. You just won't be able to use it for a while.
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