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I never said "I couldn`t care less". For instance the twin towers disaster really upset me. Thinking what a terrible way too die. People going to their employment and not going home at the end of the day.
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Geriatric.....that was a very rude comment you made and uncalled for!!! I for one am very insulted at your lack of compassion and who cares if they are not your "cousins" they are human beings so please respect that or keep the comments to yourself...I for one have alot of feelings for anyone who goes through any kind of disaster in their life as though it happened to me personally thats what love of your fellow brother means !!!
And thank you Stevekin for the sentiment
Signed...........A P.O'd wagaboo
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I guess drowning isn't a terrible way to die, geriatric? I'm surprised that 9/11 had any effect on you, since all of the people who perished were foreigners...saluting different flags and all. I used to think geriatric meant old - now I know it also means loser.

the Hun

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I cant beleive this thread is turning into a Flame

My brother is living out of a tent and all you all can do is aruge
about who feels worse you or them, or whos a better person
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