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I just got a 60GB hyperdrive (Portable storage device) and it's LCD screen (not color, just a display of a file browser, sucessful transfer, and battery life) has 2 small stock pixels in close proximity to each other when I turn on the device. They stay there thru it's opperation.

Now, I"m a little anal when it comes to things I buy having defects, dents, scratches, probelms and such. So I was wondering if this is a big deal or should I really not worry about it. I don't think it will affect the opperation of the unit or it's usefulness. Is it really worth it to try to get it repaired or replaced (Sanho states I have to pay for shipping to get it to them and they will match on the return back to me). It is the only thing with the device I can notice is worng.

Do stuck pixels get worse over time? i don't knw the resolution of the display but it isn't high. And it doesn't display pictures just text and symbols. Kind of like the LCD on the top of a dslr that display the number of pictures left and settings.

So what is everyone elses take on this? For me I'd like to have a product that is perfect without any issues. THen again most things aren't perfect and have minor blemishes. And the only "blemish" i can see with this product are 2 small stuck pixels.
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