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if it is worthwhile to get their extended warranty, and if so, for how long?
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If you are going to turn your camers over every 12 to 24 months, it is probably not a money saving deal. On the other hand if you plan to keep your camera for three years or more, it becomes viable if accidental damamge, such as dropping the camera, breaking the LCD screen, or getting the camera wet is covered.

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Moperman, please let me know if you got the camera at Newegg and how much it came out to with taxes and all I want to get one. They don't have it right now but would like to have an idea of the price thanks .

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moperman...i don't think there's a rule of thumb that all consumer agree with...some might say they will buy an extended warrenty (and definitely read what it covers or more specifically what it doesn't cover) on all electronics purchases over a certain dollar amount (that amount wwill be something that each consumer comes up with)... and then there's the consumer that feels that whatever's going to go wrong with an electronic gadget will manifest itself in the first several months of usage and thus not need an extended warrenty...

alot of the decision also rides on the cost of the extended warrenty and how rough a person is with their gear...in the end, the only one who can make that decision is the buyer...after all, you wouln't want to pay $50 a yr on a 3yrextended warrenty on an item you might want to upgrade in 2 yrs...you just have gotta be realistic...

i have been lucky over all, i purchase many computer components (i like to dabble in building pc's) and have probqably neverhad to RMA anything...i did RMA for Credit one item which was a flexible waterproof housing for a Canon A40 digital camera that i only bought to have as decent waterproof camera for when i go Kayaking and fishing from Kayak in the Bays here in SoCal...after that i decided to buy cheaper cameras and if they lasted a season thru saltwater usage then i could replace it and not have feel a major financial ding...

i currently have an EOS dRebel 300d, A Rebel XT and a Panasonic FZ-30 that i purchased without extended warrenties and they've all worked fine for the 1.5-2.5yrs i've had them...

it's all up to the individual...

Lily165...let me see if i can break this down for you...

the title of his thread says he's going to buy from NewEgg

in checking NewEggs site i see the price they'reat is $238.99 USD (even though it is out of stock the price is still there)

and last but not least the price of shipping is listed as $6.83 and if you're familiar with NewEgg that means UPS 3 Day Delivery, of course you can spend more for speedier delivery or if you use FedEx...

and any sales tax your state might charge

so that comes to, $245.82 USD plus tax (or not on the tax)

hope this answers your question...

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