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got the s500 thinking it was really small it is not as small as it looks and it is very heavy for the size( which puts me of carrying it everywhere)i just like a camera that u point and shoot but get good pics
i took my new s500 on holiday and around 10 of the shots came out very poor and also the night shots did not show up the back ground i had the settings on automatic as i like to just point and shoot.

the video mode was not that good either is the video mode on the sd10 about the same quality?

i am saleing my new camera because i find it to heavy and the shots are poor in the dark...

what about the sd10 will this camera suit me better and why was i getting a black back ground on the night shots..

also will my battery and memory card from my s500 fit the new sd10

all help welcome
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loates123 wrote:
i took my new s500 on holiday and around 10 of the shots came out very poor and also the night shots did not show up the back ground i had the settings on automatic as i like to just point and shoot.
I can't help you with the camera's size/weight. However, it sounds like you just need to understand how a camera works to help with your night shots.

First of all, if you are using flash (only good for around 10 feet or so at wide angle), then you may want to switch your camera to "slow sync" flash mode. This mode is designed to keep the shutter open longer,so it's useful to allow properly exposed backgrounds at night, when taking flash photos of a closer subject. Some models call this "night portrait" flash mode. Your Canon calls it "slow sync" flash mode.

Note that the flash will illuminate the closer subjects (provided they are within the flash range), while keeping the shutter open long enough to allow ambient light to expose the background better in slow sync flash mode. However, the flash will only "freeze" the action for the closer subjects. You'll need a tripod to prevent the background from blurring at night (because the camera will need a slower shutter speed to expose the background).

If you do not need flash (to illuminate closer subjects, and "freeze" their action), then you may see situations where the slowest shutter speed allowed by the autoexposure is not slow enough to properly illuminate the scene. In that case, you'll need to use the "long exposure" mode on your camera. You will definitely need a tripod for this mode at night without flash.

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The CF card from the S500 will not work in the SD10, which takes SD. The battery has a different designation and capacity – I have no idea whether it will fit.

I think you will have the same problems with any camera. Light from the flash decreases as the square of the distance. If the background is twice as far away as the subject it gets only ¼ the light. That is just physics the camera can't do anything about.

Slow sync usually requires a tripod.

The movie mode on the S500 is much better than the SD10 as far as resolution. I don't know what problems you are having there, but the SD10 isn't likely to solve them.

The only advantage you will have is a smaller and lighter camera.
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