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Well, I am in a rush indeed. I need to buy this camera today, as I am off for more trainingtomorrow.

In order of preference right now:

1. Pentax Optio S4i

2.Casio EX Z40

3. Sony DSC-T1

- It must take very good quality photos for its size. (Best of its competition)

- Out of these three, I would probably need the one with the best flash, since I would like to take night pics.

- Quality Indoor pics are a must.

- They are all small and compact, although are they all durable?

If you could help me out today, that would be great.

Thanks a Million.
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I originally thought the Sony DSC-T1 would be exactly what I've been looking for and almost bought it. But... I noticed that there were a lot of comments in the forum at the time about the poor low light image capture ability of this camera. I tried it in a store and noticed the same thing.

Given that alone, I would expect it disqualifies itself for the criteria you listed.
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The T1 flash is pitiful. Read Steve's review. It Doesn't have a viewfinder other than the LCD – I don't personally like that but the LCD is excellent for anyone who doesn't mind using it as a viewfinder. It has an extra megapixel of resolution which would be nice if you ever got a nice shot you wanted blown up for your wall.

The S4I is a nice little camera. I don't think I would buy one and immediately leave the area though unless it is from a chain also represented where you are going for training. The entire S series has had the occasional camera with a soft edge, and the only recourse seems to be to exchange it for a good one. If the problem is in the lens the Casio uses the same Pentax made lens. None of those you listed have a full manual exposure mode, which I find a little limiting – I have an S4.

The biggest vulnerability of any of the pocket cameras is the LCD. I know from first hand experience that if you press something hard against the LCD it will damage it so you need service. One nice thing about the S4i is that it will fit in an Altoids tin for protection if you are going to carry it in your pocket. There has been discussion on the dpreview Pentax board about what people are using to line the tin. I think duct tape would do fine.

Of the 3 I would choose the S4i. The T1 is going to be very disappointing for the flash range. It is only the occasional camera that has the soft edges and the images are still useable until you can exchange it. If you want to carry it regularly in your pocket the Altoids tin gives decent protection. The S4 is 4.2 ounces with the battery and card compared to 6.3 for the T1. The Casio is about 4.8 oz with battery and card and slightly larger than the s4i.

The T1 and Z40 take nicer movies than the Pentax. If you are interested in movies the Z40 might be a good choice. Look at Steve's sample pictures to compare the image quality.
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Maybe instead of joining the military, you should have learned how to post in the same thread instead of making another.
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There's a saying to never buy a digital camera just before you leave for a trip (vacation) because you'll spend all your time in the manuals instead of taking pictures of your trip.
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Red Viper, that wasa pretty childish comment.
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Trust...God speed and come back, k?

Thanks...from a grateful citizen.
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