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I have the casio ex-p700 digital camera, i love this camera but I would like more zoom on the camera. On both steve's review and canon's websites, you can see three different lenses that can be used, but i have no clue which one to pick since i know very little about lenses.

There's the :

TC-DC58 Tele Converter

WC-DC58N Wide converter

250D Closeup Lens

I think the WC-DC58N has been discontinued and since it's a wide angle lens, i'm not too worried about that...I need more zoom not more picture area. So can someone please explain to me which of the other two I should get for more zoom and why? And how much photo quality will I loose by using that much zoom? I don't even know if I will lose anything since it's a 7MP camera but then again i'm not a pro at this.

And lastly, i'm aware that both lenses will require the lens converter adapter LU-60A.

Thanks in advance.
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You want the teleconverter. A teleconvertor increases the effective focal length of the lens, thus giving you more zoom. Note that it affects the entire zoom range. For example, a 100mm-300mm zoom with a 2x teleconverter effectively becomes a 200mm-600mm lens.

A closeup lens is for macro work where you want to get right up close and personal with your subject.

Hope this helps.

Cal Rasmussen
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Thank you for the short but detailed info, I called casio this afternoon but he couldn't answer my questions so i decided to post it here...I can now make my decision based on your reply...Thank you
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