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pineywoodsman Oct 28, 2005 7:30 PM

If I was in charge of the redesign of the new Canon A series cameras...

Canon are you listening??

OK, I would have the A510, A520,take 4 AA batteries and use CF cards. I would havethe 4x zoom lens. Obviously the camera would be slightly larger thanCanons idea of the A510 and A520, but, larger usually means sturdier photos. I would have also kept all the scene modes, the new ones don't have a Sport mode. Also would be using the new Digic II processor.

The A610 and A620 would have also stuck with CF. They'd havethe4x zoom and the swivel LCD. 4 "AA" batteries and all the scene modes & digic II. In addition, these higher MP cameras would also have saturation, sharpness, and contrast settings that would be available in all modes except full auto.

I'd also have pixel mapping software to "fix" hot or stuck pixels in camera on all the new A series. Many other companies have been able to do this "in camera".

I'd like to think these new cameras would be very popular. I feel Canon has made smaller size too much of a priority in these new cameras. The only real improvements I see in these new cameras is the extra zoom. That's it. Certainly not worth it.

bradg Oct 28, 2005 7:53 PM

While were giving ideas to Canon, heres one:

I'd like a 10.5 - 600mm f/1.8, I'd like it to be tack sharp all the way through the range, under 7 pounds, and under 1 grand........


photoz Nov 4, 2005 8:09 AM

If I had anything to say about the A series it would be to move the flash away from the lens as much as possible and scrap the filter holder adapter, the existing setup is worthless.
I took a 28mm filter ring and glued it to the lens, perfect for a closeup filter or polarized. I also made a pvc flash slave holder that blocks the in camera flash but not the focus assist lamp, It works perfectly in manual mode.
The face of the lens and extensions should be black or at least very dark grey.
It also would cost very little to ad a pc terminal.
I agree that Canon should not make the cameras much smaller and keep the CF card slot.

Does Canon watch this forum?


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