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Default If you had $400 to spend at amazon, would you go w/the Sony?

I have read a lot of the threads, and hate to post the dreaded "What camera should I buy?" question - BUT, I need some help here, and it seems the most informed members hang out here. I am thinking of the Sony P10 or P8, but really wanted more optical zoom, like the Fujii or Minolta offers, but no one seems to really like those cameras here. My main criteria is that I want to be able to take quality movies with sound, and want to be able to blow up stills to 8x10, although I doubt I'll go much over 5x7 often. I don't really care about the size. I currently have a Sony FD73, that I won a few years ago. It has been great, but my husband is being deployed to Kosovo (1st deployment ever in 19 yrs), and he will take the old camera with him. I will use this newer camera to send pictures of our family to him, and possibly use it to do video conferencing (if possible). I have $400 in amazon.com gift certs that I want to use for this, and plan on spending another $100 on batteries and addt'l memory.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!
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I owned the Sony DSC-P10 briefly and was not satisfied with the metering accuracy. It had a tendancy to slightly overexpose most outdoor photos; with very mixed results on indoor photos. It is a very fast camera (autofocus lag -- the time it takes between you press the shutter button, and when the photo is actually taken). Recycle times outdoors are very good, but flash recharge times indoors is quite slow.

The P10 does have an extremely sharp lens (Sony did a great job on this part).

The P10 can't be used for Video Conferencing. Most of the cameras in this class cannot. You're better off going with an inexpensive (around $50.00) camera designed for this purpose. Otherwise, you'll end up spending more on the hardware to try and use a cameras video output for this purpose (Graphics Card with video input, and/or video to USB Converter).

I'd look at a camera like the Canon Powershot S400 in this price range, if you're looking for something pocketable.

Another option would be the Minolta DiMAGE G500 in a pocketable model (I own this one, and I've been very pleased with it). It does not have a video out, like the Sony and Canon.

In a little larger camera, I'd take a look at the Canon Powershot G3. It's got a lens that is faster (able to gather more light) compared to a subcompact camera), so it's more suitable for existing light photos without a flash.

None of these are suitable for video conferencing, without spending more on a hardware solution than you could buy a cheap video camera to use for this purpose.
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Thanks for the advice. I haven't looked at the Minolta too closely, but had gotten advice from a former Fuji employee that they loved theirs.

I haven't done too much research into the video-conferencing thing yet, thanks for the advice. I am hoping to find an "army wives" listserv or site that has some advice on what works best for those trying to communicate with their spouses in the region mine will be going to.

Thanks again, I plan to lurk and learn here often.

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Canon S400 has no manual focus.
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