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Default I'm sooo confused. Can anyone help me?

I'm thinking about getting a digital camera but I am finding that the process of comparing cameras is most difficult and I am wondering if anyone has any advice on which camera to buy.

I read a lot and did a bit of research and was about to buy a Fuji 602 but then I talked to a camera dealer that sells Canon, Nikon and Fuji and he suggested that I buy a Canon G3 instead of the 602. I was also considering a Nikon 5700 but I can't find one here in town and the dealer didn't have any knowledge about this camera to pass on.

After talking to this guy I went back and compared the G3 against the 602 and the 5700 at

http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM and it seemed to me that the 602 was overly warm on some shots, especially the indoor shot without flash. It seemed, however that the G3 and 5700 were pretty close in photo quality.

So I'm confused. What I had originally decided on is now in question and I don't know which one I should get. I like the 5700 as it was more SLR-like in comparison to the G3 but I don't know if it is worth the extra cost. Not that money is no object as I can afford the 602 or G3 or the 5700. What I can't afford is to make an expensive mistake.

What I am hoping for is that someone out there has had experience with the 5700 and either the 602 or the G3 that can give me some further insight into which one to buy and for what reason. Any help that anyone could offer would be appreciated.

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and it seemed to me that the 602 was overly warm on some shots
I have a 602. I wouldn't use this as sole criteria. Indoor shooting with most cameras requires something called 'white balance'. Sometimes the camera can get it wrong if there is insufficient light.

Cameras like the 602 are packed with features which allow you to preset fine adjustments - and don't forget the 'digital darkroom' gives you plenty of scope for fine tuning. I'ts true that each camera manufacturer seems to have a reputation for an individual branded 'look' - but then this was true of film where users wanted bright colours and contrast. I'll bet your TV set like most, is adjusted for high contrast/brightness and colour. A truthful picture of reality taken on a dull day might look pretty boring.

I recently took some pictures with my 602 in twilight, to my eyes the scene was flat and not exciting - but the result on print was far more appealing.
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Well, I would buy the Canon G3 in a second, if I were in your shoes..blessings, Johnny
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With all due respect, these threads always have the same answer ..... go from here ....

WHAT DO YOU NEED??? Is size important? Pic quality? Price? Put down what you want and we'll take it from there.
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A competent photographer is likely to take better pictures with these and cheaper cameras, than a beginner with the best most expensive camera!
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