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Default impossible?:: 3MP or more, exposure control, small size


i'm looking for a pocketsize camera with at least 3MP, exposure control (s-prio, a-prio and preferebly manual) and i wonder if you have any recomendations?

the cameras i've been considering are:
Canon PowerShot A70 - a little big
Minolta DiMAGE F300/F100 - a little big
Pentax Optio 450/550 - a little big
DiMAGE X(i/t) - not enough control

have i missed any camera models that would suit my wishes?

thankful for all help!
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Not quite 3Mp, but they do have others, and (probably) cheaper too!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


... How about the Casio?
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Big??? Seriously .. some you have mentioned are a tad too small .. there is NO REASON whatsoever to go below pocket size.
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You seem to have the exact same requirements that I had a few months ago before I got my camera. After a lot of research (especially into picture quality), I decided to get a Canon S45.


4 megapixels (the new S50 is 5 megapixels)
pocket size
excellent quality
EXTREMELY customisable. Everything can be manually controlled including shutter speed, aperture, focus, white balance, film speed, flash brightness etc. etc.
Or... everything can be automatic. It has some very clever preset shooting modes (like a portrait mode which makes the background deliberately out of focus)
Lithium ion battery (so you can charge it whenever you like)
fast startup time, and fast time between shots
very good on screen interface (the best I've seen)
nice big screen
solid, sturdy design
macro mode wil take up to 10 cm away (the quality is excellent!)

There are loads of nice touches. For example, there's an orientation sensor inside the camera, so when you turn the camera on its side to take a photo, it automatically rotates the image before converting it into a jpeg! This saves you a lot of time and effort using special software to rotate a jpeg without recompressing it.

what else...? I can't think, but there isn't one thing wrong with the camera. It's perfect. It amazed me and the manual took me ages to read because there is so much to learn, which you'll love if you like options and being in control of thigns.

I didn't pay full price for mine, but knowing how wonderful it is, I would have paid full price. It's amazing.

I believe there are slightly smaller and lighter cameras, but nothing will beat this in terms of quality. There's a lot of power packed into this camera. It will fit in a normal sized pocket, but not a shirt pocket or a jeans pocket.

The zoom is "only" 3x. But that's not such a big deal cos 3x is enough for most situations unless you're taking photos of someone miles away.

Besides which, if you take a photo fully zoomed in (3x) at full resolution (2272x1704) and you crop the photo down to 1280x960 (a high computer screen resolution) then the total zoom will be 9.5x zoom, which is pretty good.

I can't tell you to buy this camera, but at least consider it.
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