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Default Including garbage with cameras.

I have a complaint rather than a question, and wonder how many people agree.

Why is it that camera manufacturers include "junk" with their cameras which we end up paying for. The best example would be the flash memory card. Most come with an 8 or 16 MB card. If you spend more for a camera you may actually get a 32 MB card! The first thing most people do is go out and buy a larger card and then not use the tiny one. Why not just cut the price and not include a card? Many cameras no longer include rechargable batteries, which some people complain about. I just bought my wife a camera for Christmas and am glad I didn't have to pay extra for batteries and a charger. I already have a one hour charger and several sets of batteries. Even if this were my first camera I would prefer to buy a rapid caharger and high capacity batteries rather than the ones that used to be included for "free".

Am I crazy?
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As far as the small memory card goes, it may be that the camera manufacturers are trying to keep costs down, while still giving you something to use right after the camera comes out of the box.
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I have always wonder why the manufacturers are so cheap with the media. I have always been an Olympus camera user but Olympus may be the cheapest when it comes to providing media with your camera. I belive that it is competition issue. If one manufacturers changes, then all will follow.
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Old Nov 24, 2002, 9:09 AM   #4
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it's marketing. the average purchaser has no idea what type of media the new point n shoot hi tech digicam uses. they throw in a small card so 1- you now know what it looks like 2- we have given you enough media to play with today and to familiarize you with camera/media and all its capabilities. they comarket the media, using CF as an example with say sandisk or lexar (they pay nikon or minolta for that spot in the camera box). now the consumer knows the media type and now WOW! a brand name to ask for.

camera manufacturers are not in the media manufacturing or marketing business. in the early days they branded thier own media with prices to match for a while and were immediately undercut by a mile by the very people who made the media for them. so they quit that real quick. they do tend to keep it in the line just in case someone has to have their branded media.

certain media brands and types have little extras in them like olympus has the panorama mode in there SM. you gotta buy ours to get this cool thing mentality along with a price premium. now it seems they're swinging into xD marketing mode. and you can get sandisk/lexar SM w/o the panorama feature.

sony has the sony name to market along with its media but they loosened the licencing belt a little to lexar and others to make their product a little less propriatary. i think the seethru lexars memsticks are real cute with the access lights built in. they glow when reading or writing. it amuses people.

and they said you couldn't get blood out of a stone.
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Old Nov 24, 2002, 11:32 AM   #5
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I wouldn't think the 8mb cards cost the companys much. And droping the cards wouldn't save them much. I stilll keep the card with me just as a back up. I have had my 64mb card go out on me before, and I had to reformat it with my computer.

As for batterys, I would never have tried the higher end regargables if they were not included with my camera. Now that I have them, I will never go back to normal batterys for this camera.

droping these items might lower the cameras price $20-30 at the most.
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Old Nov 24, 2002, 11:51 AM   #6
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when i purchased my $2000+ F5 film camera i got the body no film no batteries. did get a body cap though also a neck strap and instruction book.

they don't have to supply the media at all. that is a storage device like film. it isn't part of the camera. they didn't make it.
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Old Nov 24, 2002, 4:55 PM   #7
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I don't mind if they don't supply things, as long as their prices reflect it!

I agree with the first post, as consumers, it is through reviews and this forum we make our views known.

All reviews should include value added items in the package, as well as the cam. So lets have the cam's retail price, marked down by the reviewer for poor package items - then we can compare like with like! Alternatively, mark it up to get a cam fit for use!

I assume we are talking about batteries which should be reviewed for their life during tests, software which performs only basic functions, cases which afford no protection, lack of charger if re-chargeables are supplied (rare!) and media which only stores a couple of pics - and no AVI etc.
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