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Thanks for replys, they've helped alot.

I've considered the s410, and it looks like a very nice camera. It is small but would still have a good picture quality. It seems to be quite slow, though.

I've also considered the sony p100. it has 5 MP on 1/1.8. The pictures that i've seen taken indoors have been quite nice. I've also read a review that said it had low noise level. What do you think about that camera? Many things in it are better than in s410, e.g. it is lighter, better and bigger lcd, better battery life and much faster. All of them are important to me. I don't really need 5 MP, but it looks like nobody makes cameras with less MP's anymore. That was my point in the beginning.

Anyway, I think i wait untill I get some more info about the new canon sd200.Canon seems to be the onlymaker that dares tocome out with models that have less than 5 MP. It looks like my ideal camera in every way. 3.2 mp is enough for me and everyting in it looks good. What do you think about 3.2 mp on 1/2.5 ccd? Would thatbe about the same result as 4 mp on 1/1.8??

-Antti (i'm male, by the way
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That's an interesting observation (1/2.5" 3MP CCD in the new SD200) Their more recent 3MP models have used a Sony 1/2.7" 3MP CCD.They could have switched to the Panasonic sensor in this size, since the 4MP 1/2.5" CCD in the new SD300 is probably a Panasonic, and they want to keep the camera the same except for the resolution. Interesting possibility...

The Sony 4MP 1/1.8" CCD (as used in the Canon S410, and A80 models) would have a slightly larger photosite size. However, if the SD110 is using the new Panasonic 1/2.5" CCD, it's likely to have noise levels that are equal or lower. I'd wait for tests to be made to find out (this model is not yet shipping).

But, you also have to take things like flash range into consideration. I have not seen any specs on this yet. But, chances are, given the size of the camera, it's got a maximum range of around 3 Meters at wide angle, dropping down toless than2 meters at full zoom.

You'll need to wait until Canon releases more details, and is actually shipping it to see how well it performs.

As far as the Sony 5MP 1/1.8" CCD, it's got relatively high noise levels as ISO speeds are increased in lower light. I have seen some reviews of the similar W1 model mention lower noisebut this seems to be from more aggresive noise reduction, which can destroy detail. From actual photos I've looked at, in underexposed areas of photos (especially in flesh tones outside of the flash range from people in the background), noise is still high on models using this sensor.

The Sony models are relatively fast (from an Autofocus/Shutter Lag Perspective). They don't have the greatest flash range. They're rated at 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) at wide angle, dropping down as more zoom is used to approximately 8 feet (2.5 meters) at full zoom. They use an Auto ISO rating (which means they increase ISO speed to get the range, which can add noise). They do have a powerful AF assist lamp though.

You're probably too worried about noise (and I'm probably not helping any). :?

If your subjects are within the flash range on these models, and if you are not going to be viewing or printing the images at very large sizes, then it's not likely to be a big problem.

Most models do fairly well if you keep the ISO speed set to a lower value and use the flash indoors (making sure your subjects are within the flash range). Your biggest problems with a smaller modelare likely to be flash range and redeye indoors.

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Antti wrote:
...I don't really need 5 MP, but it looks like nobody makes cameras with less MP's anymore. That was my point in the beginning.
Yes, unfortunately camera manufacturers are in the "more megapixel" mode of the newer models. It's just like cars, bigger engines with more horsepower---instead of something efficient that gets better gas mileage!

Good luck with your search!!!
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