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Default Indoor photos

I have just purchased an Olympus 300 and find that the indoor shots are not very good. Can anyone tell me if all digical cameras of that price range are the same.

Also does anyone have any good sites were I can learn more about taking photos with a digical camera

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It's hard to answer your question without a bit more detail than not very good. What is the problem with the indoor pictures?

My experience of what I would consider similar Minolta and Kodak cameras is that the indoor pictures can be very good.

The problems I experience are generally when I exceed the capabilities of the small flash units. These don't work very well at distances of more than a couple of metres. It also matters what ambient lighting there is. Are your photographs taken during during the day or at night?
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The photos were taken at night inside with the light on. They are coming out very dark even though the flash worked . I am not used to these cameras But I have tried altering the WB to - inside using electic lighting, but it didn't seem to make much difference. I also tried to adjust the brightness but finished up with a blue haze over the photo.
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I've used this camera inside at night and gotten great results.

I really don't have any advice to give you....

Check your ISO rating is about the only thing I can suggest.

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Old Jan 28, 2004, 1:52 PM   #5
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Make sure you are shooting within your camera's rated flash range.

Also, try to shoot at wide angle (about 3 times as much light can reach the sensor through the lens at wide angle, versus full zoom).

Your cameras flash is only good for a maximum of about 3.6 meters (11.8 feet) at wide angle. However, the range decreases to only 2 Meters (6.6 Feet) at full zoom. This is most likely an Auto ISO rating (with the camera varying ISO to as much as ISO 320 to get the increased range). Of course, the higher the ISO speed, the greater the noise, too.

Unfortunately, a subcompact camera is not ideal for indoor shooting with flash (except at very close ranges, at full wide angle).
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Hi econ! I'm really a newbie, too, but I'll try to help. I get very POOR results when taking inside shots in poor lighting, too. I am taking my first photography class right now and I've learned a couple of things (please forgive me if you already know all this stuff):

1. The built in flash on MOST digicams is really very poor. The ones with a hotshoe that allow an external flash are great! However, I don't have that capability (I own a canon A80).

2. You have to allow more light in. I go all over the house turning on the lights. So, I guess try to use all available lighting.

3. To get more light, you have to open up the aperature (lens opening). Does your camera have a manual setting? If so, the aperature will be numbers like f4, 5.6, 8, etc. The SMALLER the number, the MORE light you let in. Try experimenting with these to see what results you get.

The great things about digital is that you get instant results. Take the pics and you can immediately see what you've done right or not. Anyway, I hope I've helped. Good luck!


PS A couple of good sites are photo.net, shortcourses.com, and photographytips.com (I'm sure there are tons of others, but these I've used and found helpful as a newbie)!
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Thanks for all your help folks. Believe it or not, is it the first time I have used a digital camera, it is also the first time I have used a forum.

I will have a look at the sites mentioned, thanks Amy
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