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I wonder why Canon Powershot A95s haven't been marked down substantially, at least online, since the A610 has been introduced. In fact, the A95's seem to cost more on average. The A95 used to go for $279-$299, now it's averaging somewhere around $350. Sadly there are those that gouge because a unit is discontinued.

I have been using a Canon Powershot A75 and have been very pleased with it. I don't print much and am more than pleased with the 3MP quality. As it is, I push my memory cards to the limit taking lots of photos. I have one 128mb and 2 32MBs and I managed to almost fill all of them up the other day out in east in the pinelands.

It's not in my interests to upgrade, especially if things aren't a good deal price-wise. I've really been thinking about upgrading to an A95 eventually, mainly so I can get better crops with the 5MP. But unless there's a price drop to around $200, which is around what I paid for my A75 some 2 years ago, I don't think it's worth it.

The Olympus C-5500 is a nice camera too, and even though prices have been down to $199 (now they have inflated back up to around $230-$250), you have the added cost of having to use xD cards, which I don't care for. Once the cost of the xD card is factored in, you're spending nearly as much as for an A95.

The new Canon A610 does use the 4 AA batteries, but annoyingly, along with the 510 and 520, use SD cards instead of CF. So you've got to factor the cost of that in as well. SD cards though don't cost much more than CF, unlike xD, which is not used widely and costs muchmore. One has to figure also that 5MP isn't really needed in most of my situations, as I rarely print. And I've printed 8X10s a few times from my A75 and have been very satisfied. And if I have trouble having enough space with a combined memority capacity of 192MB with a 3MP, I'm gonna need at least 512 for a 5MP. So I think with the current market it's best to hold off upgrades. It's too bad they haven't really marked down the A95. I have yet to see any sample photos from the A610, but if I like what I see, I'll probably just eventually upgrade to that one.

My main problem is the camera companies keep changing the camera models. I think the A75/85/95 were fine the way they were, and they only were on the market maybe 2 years tops. Then Canon replaced the A75 and A85 with A510 and A520 respectively. Those use 2 "AA" instead of the 4, and having tested them out in the store, their performance suffers a great deal, esp with flash, due to the reduced battery power. Then they had to change the cards, making "upgrades" even less appealing to owners of older cameras. The A610 has gone back to 4 "AA", but still keeps the SD card use. It's a shame Canon has given up on Compact Flash in it's consumer lines.

So does anyone else have difficulty understanding why Canon does not use CF cards anymore? I know SD is smaller, so perhaps that's a reason. At least they didn't convert to the ultra-expensive xD cards! I guess CF will go the way of SmartMedia eventually. I guess manufacturers find the cards take up too much room in the design of new cameras.

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