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This may sound like an old question, but I am hoping for some help. I had a cannon a80 to try for a few days and was somewhat disappointed by the lack of zoom ability, compared to my old slr. (I presently do not have software to play around with the pictures.) Anyhow, I was going to return it and started reading about some of the other cameras available in the same price range. they included the Fuji 5000, Minolta Z1, Nikon 5300?, and Sony 10. Presently the sony is on sale with a much larger card included.

While I was returning the camera, they informed me that I could crop- or enlarge the picture and it would actually appear like it was taken with a longer zoom. I will most likely be doing 4x6 or 5x7 with an occasional 8x10.,( family stuff). I am trying the Fuji now.

Now I am wondering if I am better off with the Nikon ( better lens than the cannon??) or the Sony at 5 meg., and crop the pictures as opposed to a 3 meg (Minolta and Fuji) with a longer zoom.

The Sony is really small and may be harder to hold still but may actually be more convenient to carry-- plus I think it is a metal body. The bigger drawback seems to be rechargeable batteries only-- not being able to throw in some AAs.

Any comments in the quality of these and the actual shutter lag? It almost appeared that the sony was faster, but they said that it could be because of fresher batteries????????

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You can't crop as much as you think you can.

It takes about 4 times the resolution to double the image size (because you have to take width x height into consideration computing resolution).

Likewise, if you crop a photo so that it looks like you used twice as much zoom, you end up with a photo that's only around 1/4 the original resolution (which may be barely useable for very small prints).

Bear in mind that resolution is composed of width x height.

So, if you start out with a 5 Megapixel Image at 2594 x 1944, and cropped it to make it look like you were using twice as much zoom, you'd end up with a image size of a little over 1.2 Megapixels -- good enough for decent 4x6" prints, but not for your 5x7's and 8x10's.

If you tried to crop them even more (to make them look like they came from the "super zoom" cameras you're looking at), you'd end up with images that would be unusable at all for prints.

For typical family use, most people don't really need the increased Zoom. However, you said that you wanted more.

If that is the case, I'd probably ignore the advise you got about cropping (unless you only needed a LITTLE more magnification).

As far as the P10 being faster. Yes, the shutter lag is pretty good. However, indoors you'll find it to be pretty slow in the flash recycle time department. I purchased and returned one earlier this year (mostly because of it's metering).

It was extremely difficult getting useable photos indoors with it (usually requiring multiple tries, changing metering modes, etc.).

Outdoors it was much better (although it still had a tendency to overexpose most photos, with overly bright greens in some lighting conditions). I'd rate it's image quality and useability as being poor indoors, and good outdoors (if you are careful with your metering, since it has a tendency to overexpose, with blown highlights).

Basically, it was WAY too much work for me to try and get consistently useable photos from this camera (but I'm sure others may disagree).

Here is an article that may give you a better idea of how Optical Zoom compares to resolving power, factoring in resolution. Basically, there is no substitute for Optical Zoom, if you have a genuine need to bring objects in closer.

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