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I'm still a little new at photography but have found that i love infrared photos. how is it that these pictures are taken. Is it the camera or software? If software does anyone know of which ones? Or if cameras, which ones are capable?
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I had a Sony V1 - but recently sold it on ebay as I upgraded to a dSLR.

Good camera but old and sloooooow. I was not impressed with the photo quality.
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Look for those digital cameras with "night shot" or similar features ... such as many Sonys ... I use the F828 for IR and do it a couple of ways, one putting it into nightshot and using an ND 400 (expensive) filter, orusing an ND 4, 8, or 12 and a R72 IR filter, etc. and get excellent IR photos ... the true IR shots can then be enhanced in PhotoShop or the editor of your choice. An alternative is to have your camera converted to IR, which is done at some expense as http://www.maxmax.com/does. The results are outtasight, but the trade-off is some inconvenience when shooting "normal" shots.

The problem with "nightshot" enabled cameras, is they typically set the aperture wide open, and the speed around 1/30 or so ... making them useless in broad dayllight without some form of filtering as mentioned above. This was done due to fear of legal reprisal if someone "saw through" thin clothing under certain circumstances and at certain light frequencies of filteration. The ND filter workarounds work, but are somewhat inconvenient.

Do a search on these forums and you will find a lot of information on digital IR imaging.
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It's possible to simulate IR images fairly well in post processing. There are a number of sites where I've seen tutorials involving this.

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I have a Panasonic FZ1 that does a fairly good job taking IR pictures. The steps are fairly simple. First you need to get a IR filter for your camera. The Hoya R72 does a good job. With my FZ1 and the R72, I can get shutter speeds of 1/60 at midday.

The way IR works is that leaves (vegetation) absorbs visible lgiht and reflects back infrared light. Eventhough, we don't see the IR, camera's light meter can. So, when lots of plants are around, the IR can throw off the exposure. So, camera mfg add an IR blocker over the sensor. This infrared is very dim compared to the visible light. Using an IR filter (Hoya R72), only the far red and near infrared is allowed though thus allowing the IR light to be more visible.

After putting on the the IR filter, you will need to manually white balance your camera agaisnt white object or an 18% gray card. This will give the image a mostly B&W look with slight color. The images will have a bronze sky with light bluish leaves (vegetation).

The fun is in the PP. In your favorte image editor, swap the R & B channels. This will give you a greenish-cyan color sky with pink vegetation. Then do levels or equalizer or what ever you want to do. The results are a very dark sky, bright clouds, and bright vegetation. Water is dark as well. I've seem some software filters that simulate an IR photo from any color photo but I have not seen one that does it quite right.

The FZ1 mentined above has a weak IR blocker on the sensor so it does a decent job with IR photos. I have one. There are a couple FZ1s on ebay rightnow for less than US$100. The FZ1 is 2MP, OIS, 12x optical zoom, and f2.8 throughout the zoom.

I hope this helps,

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