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I've been getting a lot into photography lately with my Canon S1 IS, and I'm wanting to continue my photography interest into something else I've recently started doing: running marathons. I'm from the Philadelphia area and joined the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training back in April;two weeks ago I ran in the Dublin Marathon. Let me tell you, running around a city for 26.2 miles is sure a way to get a good tour.

To that end, I bought a pretty good qualityKodak HD disposable camera along for the run. 4 hours and 13 minutes after I started, I crossed the finish line and snapped the 27th picture. I got them developed bothas printsand on a photo CD. The pictures came out okay, but many were blurry -- obviously, I was running most of the time. I'm not looking for studio quality prints here, but was wondering if anyone had any tips on particular disposable camera models that have high film speeds or are made for sports / fast-motion photography.

Thanks for any help!

(for fun, here's one that came out pretty clearly... only 3 miles left!)
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I don't know if a disposable can be had w/400 ISO film, but I would think that going to a higher film speed would give you shutter speeds high enough to cancel movement. You could buy a small but normal 35mm camera, or an even smaller APS camera and use 400 film (or higher, in 35mm)in either. I have a titanium Fuji APS camera that takes unbelievably good shots, and can be completely hidden underneath a credit card. I've yet to see a disposable camera as small as my Fuji. Some of the 35mm cameras are also quite small - as small as a disposable at least, and shouldn't be any more obtrusive than a disposable.


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Some disp. models advertise as having 800 speed film in them which may help but if you're moving too much the only thing to do is slow down long enough to take a reasonably steady photo.

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Congratulations on finishing Dublin! And raising money for charity to boot!!!

I've been running for coming up to 15 years, and have always meant to start carrying a camera on my more interesting routes. How awkward did you find it, trying to run and shoot at the same time? I'd be interested in any tips/tricks you have (but with the way I run, I don't need to worry about running too fast to mess up a pic:blah
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You may want to try a point and shoot like Olympus Stylus 300 or 400 next time.

That way, you can set your shutter speed for 1/125 to 1/250 of a second which should "stop" the action.

I suggest the Stylus series because they are quite small and weather resistant.

On my runs, I carry my E20 in a shoulder bag across my chest...it works OK but is a bit too much weight.
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