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Old Mar 11, 2003, 2:25 PM   #11
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that was his biggest mistake for going back to Me

that would be the best thing to do going to XP

its amazing how people fear what they don't understand. xp is the easiest OS MS has made to use.

i'b be quite willing to go into this further but not on this forum feel free to contact me at my email address in profiles
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Old Mar 11, 2003, 2:28 PM   #12
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that was his biggest mistake.
You've had problems with XP too?
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Old Mar 11, 2003, 2:30 PM   #13
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i have had i issue with XP caused by roxio to which they have admitted the fault.

Me has caused more problems the win3.1 for people because it tried to be the go between from 98 to win2k. i didn't work well at all.
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Old Mar 12, 2003, 10:51 AM   #14
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to digcamfan:

Why are you saying you have an IE6 problem when you say Netscape does the same thing? When you install version 6, it simply copies the settings from your last version (5.0, 5.5 etc)
I do not have ME (still on 98SE), but I don't have to reformat to reinstall 98SE. I just rerun the W98SE setup (preferably after booting up to a DOS prompt with CDROM accessibility). Are you able to still do Start/Run/SFC in ME (if so, try it)? Does the browser really point to
Anyway the LATEST version of IE is 6.0.2800.1106IS with update versions: SP1;q313829;q810847;q813951
The two important updates to IE6 are at
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Old Mar 12, 2003, 3:28 PM   #15
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I think we're all saying the same thing, get to the bottom of the problem before giving up on the OS. And who knows, there may be more to deal with. Don't forget your problem isn't about accessing this site. It's whether all that software and peripherals you have which works fine on ME will carry on working under XP. How big is your existing software investment? what peripherals and drivers have you got over a year or so old? How much effort do you want to spend updating software and peripherals?

I don't run an OS 'cos it's new or needs Beta testing. I run the OS most suited to the age of my machine hardware and existing software. When it won't do most of what I want or significantly better comes along then I'd think of changing.

I always favour test driving as dual boot - before dumping an OS and migrating to another.

I still run a lot of DOS programs. Try printing a list of your directories and files from Windows, or format media with 16 BIT FAT different cluster sizes! Perhaps XP does all this and more out of the box.
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Old Mar 12, 2003, 5:43 PM   #16
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SJMS...thanks for the info and help...I'll take your word for it and stop dissing XP.

I usually do try to read the manual...I'm really a RTM kind of guy...but couldn't seem to find the solution...I was looking more at the IE6 help than XP.

Somehow my problem got fixed...I had reset the IE settings to default and rebooted...didn't help...but the next day when I booted up multiple windows worked fine...go figure.

Anybody remember Windows Recorder?...an old macro program that they did away with after about Win 98 or so...anyhow I have a couple of spreadsheets that I run macros on with Recorder, so I just have kept bringing it along with each successive operating system...but now it seems to not work well with XP...it runs inconsistantly, sometimes quitting in mid-macro.

Oh, well...should probably shut up...I'm sure y'all don't wanna read about this on a photography forum. ops:
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Old Mar 12, 2003, 6:07 PM   #17
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Went back to restore date of 2/28/2003 with no change.

Yes, URL is correct.

Page wont access from bookmark I have saved or from
going to www.steves-digicams.com then Discussion Forum.

At least one other photographer on forum is having this

I like doing the reformat thing because XP is a superior
OS to XP and it will clean things up! lol...

Cant do it for a while though.

Will keep y'all apprised. I shutter to think of the developments
that may be exposed on this forum.

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Old Mar 12, 2003, 8:20 PM   #18
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Hey, try using Mozilla. It's the Netscape engine without all the fancy work. It's basic and it flies. http://download.com.com/3000-2356-10...ml?tag=lst-0-1
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Old Mar 13, 2003, 10:47 AM   #19
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Have 60 day old winME & IE here on a new laptop thingie ...with latest and greatest win.updates about weekly.

Usually if a named.url won't load it's bum catched dns,,, clear history, cache & auto-complete and any other clear button you see in IE and it'll probably fix ya.
You'll lose logins & password stores doing this sometimes too.
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